The notion of vampirism has existed for millennia; cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, and Romans had tales of demons and spirits which are considered precursors to modern vampires. However, despite the occurrence of vampire-like creatures in these ancient civilizations, the folklore for the entity we know today as the vampire originates almost exclusively from early 18th century Southeastern Europe, when verbal traditions of many ethnic groups of the region were recorded and published. In most cases, vampires are revenants of evil beings, suicide victims, or witches, but they can also be created by a malevolent spirit possessing a corpse or by being bitten by a vampire. Belief in such legends became so pervasive that in some areas it caused mass hysteria and even public executions of people believed to be vampires.

Description and common attributes…

It is difficult to make a single, definitive description of the folkloric vampire, though there are several elements common to many European legends. Vampires were usually reported as bloated in appearance, and ruddy, purplish, or dark in colour; these characteristics were often attributed to the recent drinking of blood. Indeed, blood was often seen seeping from the mouth and nose when one was seen in its shroud or coffin and its left eye was often open. It would be clad in the linen shroud it was buried in, and its teeth, hair, and nails may have grown somewhat, though in general fangs were not a feature.

Other attributes varied greatly from culture to culture; some vampires, such as those found in Transylvanian tales, were gaunt, pale, and had long fingernails, while those from Bulgaria only had one nostril, and Bavarian vampires slept with thumbs crossed and one eye open. Moravian vampires only attacked while naked, and those of Albanian folklore wore high-heeled shoes. As stories of vampires spread throughout the globe to the Americas and elsewhere, so did the varied and sometimes bizarre descriptions of them: Mexican vampires had a bare skull instead of a head, Brazilian vampires had furry feet and vampires from the Rocky Mountains only sucked blood with their noses and from the victim’s ears. Common attributes were sometimes described, such as red hair. Some were reported to be able to transform into bats, rats, dogs, wolves, spiders and even moths. From these various legends, works of literature such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the influences of historical bloodthirsty figures such as Gilles de Rais, Elizabeth Báthory, and Vlad Ţepeş, the vampire developed into the modern stereotype.

Creating vampires…

The causes of vampiric generation were many and varied in original folklore. In Slavic and Chinese traditions, any corpse which was jumped over by an animal, particularly a dog or a cat, was feared to become one of the undead. A body with a wound which had not been treated with boiling water was also at risk. In Russian folklore, vampires were said to have once been witches or people who had rebelled against the Church while they were alive.

Cultural practices often arose that were intended to prevent a recently deceased loved one from turning into an undead revenant. Burying a corpse upside-down was widespread, as was placing earthly objects, such as scythes or sickles, near the grave to satisfy any demons entering the body or to appease the dead so that it would not wish to arise from its coffin. This method resembles the Ancient Greek practice of placing an obolus in the corpse’s mouth to pay the toll to cross the River Styx in the underworld; it has been argued that instead, the coin was intended to ward off any evil spirits from entering the body, and this may have influenced later vampire folklore. This tradition persisted in modern Greek folklore about the vrykolakas, in which a wax cross and piece of pottery with the inscription “Jesus Christ conquers” were placed on the corpse to prevent the body from becoming a vampire. Other methods commonly practised in Europe included severing the tendons at the knees or placing poppy seeds, millet, or sand on the ground at the grave site of a presumed vampire; this was intended to keep the vampire occupied all night by counting the fallen grains. Similar Chinese narratives state that if a vampire-like being came across a sack of rice, it would have to count every grain; this is a theme encountered in myths from the Indian subcontinent as well as in South American tales of witches and other sorts of evil or mischievous spirits or beings.

Identifying vampires…

Many elaborate rituals were used to identify a vampire. One method of finding a vampire’s grave involved leading a virgin boy through a graveyard or church grounds on a virgin stallion—the horse would supposedly balk at the grave in question. Generally a black horse was required, though in Albania it should be white. Holes appearing in the earth over a grave were taken as a sign of vampirism.

Corpses thought to be vampires were generally described as having a healthier appearance than expected, plump and showing little or no signs of decomposition. In some cases, when suspected graves were opened, villagers even described the corpse as having fresh blood from a victim all over its face. Evidence that a vampire was active in a given locality included death of cattle, sheep, relatives or neighbours. Folkloric vampires could also make their presence felt by engaging in minor poltergeist-like activity, such as hurling stones on roofs or moving household objects, and pressing on people in their sleep.

Introduction to the Temple of the Vampire

The Temple of the Vampire (ToV) is presently viewed as a Left-Hand Path organization. They presently enjoy the support of, Rev. Peter H. Gilmore’s, Church of Satan. Many people who are attracted to the darker side of philosophy and spirituality have sought entry into the Temple.

The Vampire Temple( is a group based out of Washington who have created the world’s ‘only'(according to them) vampire religion. It is an official, state-recognized religion, and has been established since 1989.
They are semi-secretive, in that anyone interested in vampires will likely eventually stumble aross their site – but to learn much about them, you have to dig. Surprisingly there is not much to be found out about them online beyond the information provided on their website.
Members of the ToV are taught that there are two perspectives that the member must employ in order to achieve a state of knowing, which they refer to as the Twilight. The first mindset is called the Dayside. In it the member utilizes a reality tunnel not dissimilar to Satanism or what is generally called the Left-Hand Path. Within such a mindset the member is supposed to question all things; exalting reason and science over blind belief. The member is supposed to be in the Dayside anytime he or she is not attempting to practice the teachings of the ToV.

The other perspective employed by the membership is referred to as the Nightside Perspective. Within that frame the member attempts to test the teachings of the Temple of the Vampire. The mindset is one of faith and obedience to doctrine. Therein the member attempts to find the truth within the teachings by testing what is said. As an example: If a member wishes to know whether drawing lifeforce from humans is possible he takes on the mindset of someone who blindly believes everything the ToV states and then attempts to do the action.

The ToV is  adamantly against any of its members blindly believing in anything that is stated in its published works in keeping with the understanding that nothing can be known through faith but only through what can be verified. However, let the record show that its adherents quite often accept the grandiose claims of the organization. Such claims that members have demonstrated a blind belief in (with a disregard for evidence, facts and history) are as follows:

  • There is life after death, but it can only be attained through communion with certain beings (Undead Gods).
  • The ToV is the only path to immortality.
  • Vampires oversee the Illuminanti, Masons, Royal & Sovereign Order of the Dragon, Catholic Church & other powerful and secretive organizations.
  • Vampires control the world.
  • There is going to be a massive culling of humans in the near future. Loyal members of the ToV will rule the humans who survive the culling alongside the Undead Gods.
  • Members of the ToV control powerful corporations.
  • By following and practicing the teachings of the ToV and being loyal to the Undead Gods a member will come to have the ability to take on a new body after their present body dies.
  • The ToV doesn’t actually need the money it generates from selling memberships or goods, they just require it as a test of sincerity and loyalty.
Yes, Vampires do exist. Thank you for your interest. The following 

information should answer your wider questions concerning who and what
 we are, and what that may mean to you. 


The Temple of the Vampire is an ancient religion now registered with
 the federal government of the United States and possessing an 
international membership. Shrouded in secrecy, the Temple has been
 known in historical times by many different names to include The Order 
of the Dragon, The Temple of the Dragon and, in ancient Sumeria, as
 HEKAL TIAMAT (The Temple of the Vampire Dragon Goddess Tiamat). 
Membership until the present time has been closed except by personal
 sponsorship and invitation, subject to the approval of the Inner 


The modern Temple is a carefully calculated experiment to more
 publicly reach those who may be of the Body of the Blood yet unaware 
of their full heritage. We seek only those who have become aware of
 their unique difference from the mass herd of humanity, those who 
resonate with the Dark of the Night, those who have recognized their
 nature as predators, those who sense there is something more to life 
and want to possess it.


Vampires are the predators of humans. We have come from the human
 stock but represent the next stage in human evolution: we who accept 
and glory in our predatory nature. We fully accept our bestial
 instincts and origins while applying the power of our minds and Will 
to the achievement of our deepest desires through earthly and magical
 means. We are the Masters of the World. Our reach extends from the 
highest corporate executive offices to the most secluded country
 estates. Our membership includes virtually every profession and 
lifestyle. We have a rational plan for the world and for our own
 personal physical immortality. We are the few who truly rule this 
material world and those who throw their lot with us are wise indeed.
 Many are called. Few are chosen. Fewer, still, enter. 


Thus the religion of Vampirism has been and remains the Religion of

the Rulers. Ours is a selfish and brutal philosophy dedicated to

personal survival and triumph. We have no interest in humanity as a

whole other than in how they may serve us. At the same time all other

religions of the world were founded and continue to be directed by

those of our kind. The religions we have created for humanity are

designed to curb human pride and inculcate a slave mentality. The

Vampire knows that there is no God who loves or cares for humanity for

it is we who created and taught them their idea of God. In truth, we

are the Gods of humankind while remaining atheists ourselves.


The Vampire is dedicated to the rational enjoyment of life. No

pleasure is forbidden or sinful to the Vampire. At the same time the

Vampire respects the reality of causality and is not a mindless

hedonist. Therefore all members of the Temple of the Vampire are

forbidden from criminal acts within the laws of their own society's

government or governments. Any person found to be involved in criminal

activity will be promptly reported to the appropriate law enforcement

authorities, and immediately and irrevocably expelled from the Temple.

There will be no exceptions.


The Dayside of the Vampire's personality is that of the skeptical

materialist who approaches life with a no-nonsense perspective. The

key word here is doubt. We laugh in scorn at the humans who find

themselves believing in the superstitious nonsense which our kind

created for their control. The earthly Dayside Vampire is dedicated to

personal, material mastery of life. While this seldom entails the

seeking of monetary wealth to the exclusion of personal pleasure, the

Religion of the Rulers leads one toward material success as a natural

consequence of respecting the realities of the world as it is.


In Ritual and other magical acts, the Vampire exhibits the Nightside
 of his personality. The key word here is belief. The Vampire learns to 
slip in and out of belief systems as they serve him, and absolute
 belief in magic is only engaged in when magic is actually used. The 
many powers of the Vampire (to include shapeshifting, flying, mesmeric
 power, superhuman strength and physical immortality) are accepted as 
real first within the Nightside of the Vampire's mind. Here, from the

Will's connection to the Powers of Darkness, the fantasies of power

become realities. These realities are manifested in what are called

out-of-body lucid dreams and are approached by the sincere and

dedicated application of the Higher Teachings of the Temple.


By developing and maintaining the opposing Dayside and Nightside
 perspectives, the Vampire produces a powerful stress between the 
worlds of truth and fantasy. The result is a growing capacity to cause
 change in the material world by magical means such that dreams of the 
Night leave footprints in the Day.


There are several divisions and levels within the Temple based upon
 the successful application of the Higher Teachings which are made 
available in order of development.

A Lifetime Member is any individual who has made some material

donation to the Temple such as money or other exchangeable objects of
 value. A Lifetime Member is eligible to obtain The Vampire Bible, the 
Vampire Ritual Medallion and the Vampire Temple Ring upon making a
 suitable minimum donation as listed in the "Current Offerings 
Available" sheet.

An Active Member is a Lifetime Member who makes formal application for
 affiliation and is granted entrance by the Council for advanced study. 
This is considered the First Circle of the Outer Temple and carries
 the title of Vampire Initiate. The Vampire Predator is the Second 
Circle of the Outer Temple and is the title granted to the Vampire
 Initiate who successfully achieves specific results in Vampiric 
development both earthly and magical. The Priesthood of UR is the
 Third Circle of the Temple of the Vampire and is also known as The 
Inner Temple or the Temple of the Dragon. A Vampire Priest or
 Priestess has successfully demonstrated an advanced application of the 
principles of Vampirism and has sworn an Oath to serve the Temple.

The Priesthood of UR is the Gateway to the Hidden Mysteries of the
 Temple from which this earthly world is quite literally ruled. These 
Mysteries are revealed to those who prove themselves worthy of such
 trust. The affiliations of the oldest organization on earth are, of 
course, numerous and far-ranging. (ET IN ARCADIA EGO . . . ).


A Vampire is made, not born. This making comes from direct and
 personal contact with the Undead Gods. The original and correct 
purpose of all magical ritual is to attract and meet with the Undead
 in the sacred act of Vampiric Communion. The gatherings for Vampiric 
Communion have always drawn the human aspirants as well as Those Who
 Have Risen to remote and isolated settings and shall continue to do so 
until the end of the world.


At all levels of the Temple, the sacred ritual magic ceremonies of
 Vampiric Communion (The Calling of the Undead) are entered into to 
achieve magical results. Vampiric Communion can be enjoyed in solitary
 ritual or in group ceremony. It is entirely possible for the solitary 
member to successfully pursue Vampirism without physically ever
 meeting another member. While there is no requirement for 
socialization, most members discover that not only is ritual
 strengthened by numbers but a thirst to be in the presence of those of 
our own kind can only be quenched by such meetings. For this reason,
 the Temple commonly conducts Conclaves, often annually, at various 
international locations to better enable contact between interested
 active members. Details are provided in a timely fashion for active 
members expressing an interest in such meetings.


To acquire additional information on application for membership, you
 must submit a written letter and a token donation (usually $5 U.S.) to 
the Temple requesting current information. What you are now reading is
 the whole of what shall be made available through the Internet so as 
to retain control over those accepted as members. This Temple is not
 for everyone. 

Above all, the Temple exists to serve the Undead Gods. Those who
 simply expect to be entertained will be ignored. Those who refuse to 
make strong personal efforts to serve by study and application will be
 Vampirism is real and most ancient. Mortal life is swift and short. We
 may pick and choose amongst the billions to replenish the Elite. You 
have just this one opportunity for life undying. Your next actions
 will decide your future as either just another mortal lost to the 
winds of time, or as one who will join Us as a true Vampire, an
 undying Ruler of this earth. 

The choice is yours...

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