Incubus is a Grammy-nominated alternative rock band based out of Calabasas, California. Formed by vocalist Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Michael Einziger, and drummer Jose Antonio Pasillas II while in high school, the band grew to include bassist Alex Katunich (a.k.a. “Dirk Lance””), and Gavin Koppell (a.k.a. “DJ Lyfe”), both of whom were eventually replaced by bassist Ben Kenney (formerly of The Roots), and DJ Kilmore, respectively.

Incubus has received both high critical acclaim and commercial success, reaching multi-platinum sales, as well as releasing highly successful singles such as “Wish You Were Here“, “Drive“, “Anna Molly” and “Pardon Me“, among others. Originally part of the nu-metal movement, the band started branching out creatively and earned mainstream recognition with the release of their 1999 album Make Yourself. By 2001, Incubus became hugely successful with the single Drive and their follow up album Morning View. Today they remain one of the most popular rock acts, with their latest studio album, Light Grenades, reaching Gold certification. Their music has also appeared in other media, such as the video games Halo 2 and Guitar Hero, and the movie Stealth.

Vocalist Boyd, drummer Pasillas, and guitarist Einziger had been friends since middle school. At the age of fifteen, Mike Einzinger contacted music and mathematics teacher Joanne Stanulonis. She was working with Steve Vai’s project of teen musical wunderkinds, “Bad4Good”. Joanne agreed to help Mike and Brandon.

In 1993, Incubus was introduced to Jim Wirt, a local record producer through Joanne Stanulonis. Joanne was friends with both Jim Wirt and his wife Kathleen. Jim agreed to record demos for the band during unbooked studio time and eventually many of these demos were compiled to create the band’s first album – the independently released Fungus Amongus (initially distributed by both the band and Red Eye Records and then ultimately re-released by Epic Records). It was at this time (1993-94) that the band was introduced to Mark Shoffner, a close friend of Jim Wirt, who then became the band’s first manager.

In 1995, Gavin Koppell saw the band play and asked if they would be interested in using some of his tracks, which incorporated the use of turntables. Gavin joined full-time after his first rehearsal. Shortly thereafter, Incubus’ unusual amalgamation of styles and high-energy shows, combined with its growing fan base, attracted labels and put the band in the enviable position of a bidding war. Incubus finally landed a record deal in the summer of 1996 with Immortal Records, a label distributed by Sony’s Epic Records, whose top artists in those days were Korn and Far. Touring throughout the remainder of 1996, Incubus established themselves as a top drawing live act, gaining a dedicated following all over the United States.

To start off the new year, Immortal Records released Incubus’ EP entitled Enjoy Incubus on January 7, 1997. The EP featured updated and mastered versions of four tracks from Fungus Amongus, plus two recently written tracks. These were the first recordings to include the newly acquired Gavin Koppell a.k.a. ‘DJ Lyfe’. After the release of Enjoy Incubus, the band completed several mini-tours in its support. Their first major tour was with Korn in Europe and their first major US tour was as support act on the Black Sabbath / Pantera tour.




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