Murderdolls are a American heavy metal band founded during 2002 in Hollywood, California. The band line-up consists of Wednesday 13, Joey Jordison, Acey Slade, Eric Griffin and Ben Graves, though the group are currently on a hiatus.

To date the band has released one album in the form of Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls which was released in 2002, the band had limited initial success in the United States, though their album and singles charted well in the United Kingdom and around the same time they picked up a strong following in Japan.

The sound of the band is made up of their shared influences, which musically are; punk rock and glam metal, as well as from some of the 1970s hard rock and glam rock acts (Such as KISS and Alice Cooper). The band also share a large interest in horror movies, from which they take images, and references.

Lyrically the group most often present themselves in a “tongue-in-cheek” manner, covering topics of necrophilia, grave robbing, cross dressing, amongst other things. This is standard practice for many horror punk bands.

The Murderdolls are often described as Mötley Crüe meets the Misfits by critics and fans alike. Their bassist Eric Griffin also bears a considerable resemblance to the Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx.

Some consider the Murderdolls history to go back as far as 1994 to a Des Moines, Iowa based band Joey Jordison played in, named The Rejects, which was fronted by vocalist Dizzy Draztik. The sound of the band was somewhat comparable to what the Murderdolls would later develop, minus the horror themed lyrics.

The Rejects split up as Jordison’s “other bandSlipknot were signed to a major label. During the 1999 Ozzfest tour, Jordison met Tripp Eisen and asked him if he was interested in a project he had in mind; the reforming of the Rejects with Draztik. Eisen agreed to join the project and a friend of his from the band Dope and previously the Genitorturers, Racci Shay played drums with them. Also a bassist named Ian, who had played in New York based band the Vampire Love Dolls (fronted by Acey Slade who was known as J at the time), played with them live.

The first tour dates took the band through parts of the United States including; Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and Jordison’s native Iowa. Their first major date was at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo, Japan during August 18, 2002, two days before their debut album was released. This helped them gain a fanbase in Japan.

Following this they played some dates in Europe, including a tour of the United Kingdom with AntiProduct (the lead singer of which, Alex Kane replaced Griffin on Bass, when he had to return home during the tour) and Ireland. At the time, there were no similar acts combining elements of punk and trashy glam for them to tour with, so the band toured with label mates and friends of Jordison’s Papa Roach.

Their restless touring continued throughout 2002 into 2003 where they played several major festivals, first in Australia they played at the Big Day Out where Murderdolls went on after Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters headlined the event. They were received favorably and one reviewer commented on the band’s performance as a “mangled, choked and psychotic version of the Sex Pistols.” The other major festival dates during this time were Download Festival and Rock am Ring, Iron Maiden headlined both of the festivals.

Together the band recorded a cover version of Billy Idol‘s “White Wedding“, a promotional video was recorded for it, in which they mocked popstar singing contests such as the Idol series. It was released as a single in the United Kingdom and they even performed it on the premier UK chart show; Top of the Pops.

Mid 2003 The Murderdoll co-headlined a tour of England with fellow Roadrunner Records band, Stone Sour, whe contained two of Jordison’s fellow members of Slipknot.

Murderdolls toured at the end of 2003 in support of the single and the re-release of their debut, with six added bonus tracks, as well as their Billy Idol cover, other bonus tracks included; “Let’s Fuck“, “I Take Drugs“, “Crash Crash“, “Welcome to the Strange” and “I Love to Say Fuck“. The latter two had previously been recorded by 13 with the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. Their tour in support of this went through many European countries including Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Scandinavian countries before ending with a four date tour of the UK supported by English psychobilly band the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

Murderdolls played their last show on January 17, 2004 in Corona, California. After this they went on an indefinite hiatus with Jordison returning to Slipknot. Since this hiatus begun, both Wednesday 13 and Jordison have maintained that the band have not split up for good, and that they would return to record a second album together in the future.

Since the Murderdolls have been on a break the members have worked on various projects such as:





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